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Updated: Aug 10, 2019


Cheap, disposable ballpoint pens are contributing to growing piles of non-biodegradable waste in landfills. To make matters worse, it’s far easier and cheaper to buy new pens than reuse old ones, and few if any

companies accept old pens for recycling or reuse. the EPA estimates that Americans throw away 1.6 billion pens year.

It’s only one plastic pen said eight billion people. Who are you kidding, who has only one pen?

Plastic pens are everywhere! They are at home, at workplaces and at schools, yet they are just as polluting as plastic bags and straws.

Pens are also given away at conferences, training days, in promotional bags, trade shows, networking events, lectures, music festivals,

marathons and endless other business marketing


Society has been using disposable plastic pens for over 50 years now. If we imagine the amount of pens thrown away each year by the collective people of the world – it’s mind boggling!

Yet, there is very little awareness of the pollution caused by this small

disposable item of which everyone seems to have a collection, whether it be in your car, bag, desk or other places around your house.

Schools unwittingly indoctrinate children with a consumerist throw away polluting attitude. Primary school children eagerly working towards their ‘pen licence’ are rewarded with – you guessed it – a disposable plastic pen. What sort of a future are we promoting for our future adults and decision makers?

A STOK pen will last a life time and only requires a tiny

refill which you will only change when the ink has run out which mean less ink in landfills

The pen may be mightier than the sword, but at least the sword can be recycled!

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